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    • CRC Tire Sanding Paddle (65/130 Grit)
    • CRC Tire Sanding Paddle (65/130 Grit)


    CRC Tire Sanding Paddle (65/130 Grit)

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    This is a 65/120 Grit Tire Sanding Paddle from Calandra Racing Concepts. Finally, no more having to use the wife's nail files or a machinists metal file! The new CRC Tire Paddle gets the job done right, and with ease. The tire paddle has a coarse 65 grit on one end to round the edges on even the toughest rubber, such as purple front tires. Then flip it around and get the perfect finish with the 130 grit end. With this Sanding Paddle from CRC, tire truing has never been easier!
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