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    • Exclusive RC MSD 2 Step & Blaster Coil


    Exclusive RC MSD 2 Step & Blaster Coil

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    The Exclusive RC MSD 2 Step & Blaster Coil is a 3D printed replica accessory that will add a greater level of realism to your engine compartment details. Ready to install, this kit includes a digital ignition box and coil, and each part has been hand detailed by the Scale King himself! If you are building a full scale truck with engine details, this MSD kit should be at the top of your must have accessory list. This kit is easy to install using hot glue, shoe goo or E-6000 adhesives.

    NOTE: With most 3D printed items, some light finish work may be needed to remove excess material. Simply use a sharp hobby knife to carefully remove small strings and straggler layer lines as needed. 

    Ignition Length: 22mm
    Ignition Width: 10mm
    Ignition Height: 6mm 
    Coil Diameter: 8mm (at cap)
    Coil Height: 15mm

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