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    • Incision Axial RBX10 Ryft Gear Set (43/13T)


    Incision Axial RBX10 Ryft Gear Set (43/13T)

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    Incision Axial RBX10 Ryft Gear Set. Package includes optional ring gear, pinion gear and bearing. 

    • Included larger bearing on the inner side of the pinion for greater load handling
    • Works with stock axle housings* or Vanquish Products axle housings (*Works in housings built to stock specifications)
    • Hardened Machined gear construction improves durability over stock
    • Compatible with stock differential housing or Vanquish AR14B spools
    • 43/13 gear ratio allows for tuning overall gear ratio or creating underdrive when installed only in rear axle 
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