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    • JConcepts 48P TLR


    JConcepts 48P TLR "Silent Speed" Machined Spur Gear (78T)

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    JConcepts 48 Pitch TLR "Silent Speed" Machined Spur Gear. These gears are compatible with the 22 family of vehicles, and are available in multiple tooth count options to fine tune torque and top speed. Silent Speed spur gears are precision machined making them uniquely concentric over standard or molded gears giving the user a consistent gear mesh allowing a more precise adjustment and more “silence” on the race track. The detailed machining provides a pattern vented area and secured slipper pad on both sides giving more consistent slipper performance. The gears are marked for size in 2 different ways so they are identifiable either assembled within a slipper assembly or as a stand-alone part. Silent Speed spur gears are also branded with the small JC logo for brand identification and authenticity.

    Machined, recessed dots on the outer edge indicate size while assembled within the slipper assembly for easy identification:
    • 1 dot = 70 tooth
    • 2 dot = 76 tooth
    • 3 dot = 78 tooth
    • 4 dot = 80 tooth
    • 5 dot = 82 tooth
    • JConcepts simple design and function
    • Precision machined for durable and concentric design
    • Machined to indicate size while assembled or stand-alone
    • Fits TLR 22 series vehicles
    • JConcepts - World Proven Innovation and Design
    Effects of Spur Gear Changes
     Gear  Effects
     Larger Spur
    • Increased acceleration
    • Decreased top speed
    • Use on smaller tracks for more punch
    • Use with larger pinion to get more overall torque, while maintaining the same gear ratio
     Smaller Spur
    • Decreases acceleration, but smoother
    • Increases top speed
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