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    JConcepts "Aero" Rear Wing Center Divider (2)

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    JConcepts, the leader in 1/10th off-road wing development, brings a simple yet effective test and tune option to their Aero wing. The Aero Rear Wing Center Divider.  Improve stability and performance, and adjust as needed to match the conditions at hand. This light weight divider mounts easily to Aero wings by simply trimming to one of the optional cut lines, aligning to the wing, and reaming the mounting holes.  It then installs perfectly right on the wing already in place on the vehicle. It features leading edge wing chamfer to match existing side dams, and a hard bevel on the base for fitment and more air channeling.

    Ryan Cavalieri TQ'd and won victories with this wing divider at the JConcepts Spring Indoor Nat's and the Summer Indoor Nat's, and described the divider as one of his favorite new tuning parts, noting it will be on his car or in his box at each event.

    Fits the following JConcepts wings: Part #'s JCO0168, 0169, 0178, 0179


    • Versatile design
    • Increased stability
    • Multiple cut lines for tuning
    • Durable material
    • Two Pieces included per package 
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