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    • JConcepts B6/B64


    JConcepts B6/B64 "Aero" S-Type Rear Wing

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    JConcepts B6/B64 "Aero" S-Type Rear Wing is developed and manufactured by JConcepts Inc. The S-type wing includes options not yet seen before on a 1/10th off-road rear wing. An extended rear gurney lip makes tuning that much better for more grip on loose surfaces while running the latest generation in off-road. The base of the wing design is built on the popular Aero wing but with new additions which make the wing more durable, more adjustable and ultimately a great tuning piece.

    The S-type wing is a direct bolt-on piece for the Team Associated B6, B6D | B64, B64D. The wing features a long chord construction with revised section to incorporate some reinforced ribbing in the vertical plane below the over-hanging gurney. Cut-lines and dimpled locations are positioned throughout for trim and tuning options. The dimples in the rear can be reamed to expose larger holes which serve as pass-through for circulating air and helps the vehicle maintain its position during long flight jumps.

    • Innovative design, durable material
    • Industry first, forward gurney option
    • Clipped rear corners minimize breakage
    • Large openings for tire clearance and expansion
    • Dimples for pass-through hole tuning
    • Pro-level height and rake angle
    • 1/10th off-road wizardry
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