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    • JConcepts RM2 Flywheel Wrench (Black)


    JConcepts RM2 Flywheel Wrench (Black)

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    This JConcepts Black RM2 Flywheel Wrench is a useful tool to have on hand when dealing with 4-shoe clutches. The designers at JConcepts have developed a simple and handy tool for the nitro racers toolbox. The all-aluminum, CNC machined part is precision manufactured to close tolerances to ensure a tight and clean fit for a variety of 4-shoe clutches on the market.

    Compatible with:
    • Team Associated 4-shoe clutch
    • TLR 4-shoe clutch
    • ProTek RC 4-shoe clutch
    • XRAY 4-shoe clutch
    • Tekno 4-shoe clutch
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