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    • JConcepts Swing Operated Battery Retainer Set
    • JConcepts Swing Operated Battery Retainer Set


    JConcepts Swing Operated Battery Retainer Set

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    The JConcepts Swing Operated Battery Retainer Set is designed for simplicity, adjustability and quick battery changes. The aluminum rails bolt to the standard B6.1 | B6.1D | T6.1 | SC6.1 chassis side rails and with a selection of adjustment holes, can be moved to locate the battery pack fore and aft. The carbon fiber swings include pivoted control by the virtue of steel bushings. The entire assembly is secured using 3 x 16mm BHCS and the front screw provides the closure control and quick access for battery exchanges.

    Since there is a lot of variation on the height of the battery packs and what is being used at any given moment, JConcepts has included different spacers to accommodate different heights. When using a tall battery pack, it’s necessary to install the tall stand-offs under the aluminum rails to raise the height of the entire assembly. If more height is needed, install the included 2mm spacers to raise the carbon fiber swings giving the most amount of height.

    For low-profile battery packs, no stand-offs are required under the aluminum rails. Depending on the brand of low-profile battery, it might be necessary to use the 2mm spacers under the carbon swings for just the correct amount of clearance. Some individual preference might be different and by using any assortment of 3mm I.D. washers, a wide range of height adjustments can be achieved.


    • Precision machined aluminum
    • Fits B6.1 | B6.1D | T6.1 | SC6.1
    • Light-weight / durable honeycomb milling
    • 3mm thickness material
    • Chamfer highlight edging
    • Available in blue and black anodized colors
    • Aesthetic jewelry
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