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    • JConcepts Tribute 2.6 x 3.6


    JConcepts Tribute 2.6 x 3.6" Monster Truck Wheel (White) (2)

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    JConcepts Tribute 2.6x3.6" Monster Truck Wheels are packed with an assortment of design options and style that mimics the golden age of Monster Truck racing. This simplified and durable one-piece wheel design is stout and versatile. The design incorporates an adapter to adjust the off-set and maintain the look of a classic monster truck wheel. The stepped design reduces weight but also adds rigidity for the ultimate bash and play package. 

    The Tribute wheel includes three off-set wheel adapters. 11mm width for a stock Clod Buster or retro type Monster Truck width, 18mm for increased stability on standard wheelbase trucks and 25mm for the ultimate in footing for long wheelbase race trucks. The adapters are installed with 6 x 2.5 x 12mm screws and centers precisely on the wheel for positive engagement. The wheels include open and closed planetary caps which attach with 6 x 2.5 x 8mm screws. The planetary caps support a scale look as well as a quick change racer function to suit individual needs. 

    The wheel set includes a slim, open cell insert, which can be installed as a cushion but also provides an equal platform for the tire insert to rest against. Also included is a pair of steel, serrated, 4mm thin pattern lock-nuts for greater security. The Tribute wheels are available in white, black and silver colors to match any color scheme or realistic build. The overall width of the wheels is true to scale which allows a more compact design and included reinforcement ribs on the inside help reduce hub flex. 


    • One-piece, scale size and width
    • Durable design and material
    • Includes multiple off-set wheel adapters
    • Closed and open planetary caps included
    • Complete installation hardware
    • Available in white, black and silver colors
    • Monster style and performance
    • Direct fit for Axial SMT10, Clod Buster & others
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