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    • LED Light Bar - 3.6


    LED Light Bar - 3.6" - Police Lights (Red, White, and Blue lights)

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    Give your rig a scale look with our LED Light Bar. This versatile setup works with 5V to 12V DC input and includes all the mounting hardware needed for most 1/10 scale trucks. Perfect for off-road trucks or rock crawlers. This light bar comes stock with a Servo connector to plug directly into any open channel on your receiver. A simple push-button switch toggles between seven different flashing patterns for the LEDs.


    • Width: 3.66 in. (93 mm)
    • Height: 0.55 in. (14 mm)
    • Weight: 0.05 lbs
    • Number of LEDs: 12
    • LED Lead Length: 15 in. (381 mm)
    • Connector Type: Servo connector

    Kit Includes:

    • 1 x Light Bar
    • 2 x Body Mounts
    • 6 x Screws
    • 6 x Nuts
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