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    • Lunsford Associated RC10 B74


    Lunsford Associated RC10 B74 "Super Duty" Titanium Turnbuckle Kit

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    This is an optional Lunsford "Super Duty" Titanium Turnbuckle Kit, intended for use with the Team Associated RC10 B74 as a stronger more durable turnbuckle set. Making room in the plastic is necessary and achieved by the included drill bit. Plastic integrity is not lost as Lunsford maintains zero voids between the turnbuckle threads and plastic rod ends. 

    • Grade 5 Titanium is roughly a 45% weight savings over steel. 
    • Anti-corrosion properties are greater than stainless steel. 
    • Nano accurate thread rolling process 
    • A very smooth, zero tolerance and bur free threading process aids in the preservation of the parts you are threading into.
    • Machined from Made in the USA center-less ground titanium.
    • From raw material to the finished product, all of our Grade 5 titanium born and bred in the USA.
    • Designed, developed and crafted right here in Albany, Oregon USA at the Lunsford compound.
    • Total Weight of Turnbuckle Set: 11.9g
    • (1) 3mmx35mm PUNISHER Titanium Turnbuckle (Drag Link)
    • (2) 3.5mmx42mm SUPER DUTY Titanium Turnbuckles (Steering)
    • (2) 3.5mmx44mm SUPER DUTY Titanium Turnbuckles (Front Camber)
    • (2) 3.5mmx46mm SUPER DUTY Titanium Turnbuckles (Rear Camber) 
    • (1) 1/8" Drill Bit
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