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    • MIP 3.25mm 1/10 Turnbuckle Wrench (Associated)


    MIP 3.25mm 1/10 Turnbuckle Wrench (Associated)

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    The MIP 3.25mm 1/10 Turnbuckle Wrench fills the void in your tool kit! Turnbuckle wrenches are always an overlooked accessory. MIP’s turnbuckle wrenches feature an angled tool head and perfectly sized shank to ensure ease of use. Machined from of hardened alloy steel, these wrenches are durable and guarantee size integrity.

    Each wrench has a color coded ring to quickly differentiate the size. Wrapped around the tool itself is MIP’s tiny amber handle that perfectly complements MIP’s current tool line and gives your hand plenty of surface area to grab on and adjust turnbuckles effortlessly. The 3.25 size fits Team Associated 1/10 turnbuckles.

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