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    This is our Micro Bec we've made specifically for our micro servos and winches. Stock Micro rc electronics are typically pretty weak and need a boost when running high power products. We offer 3 voltage options, and 3 options for how to connect the bec to power. These also work great with some of the new 1/10 scale esc's on the market that do not have an internal bec in order to provide power to the receiver.

    Simply connect the bec to power via solder/jst/balance plug connection, then connect the receiver plug from the bec to your receiver in any open channel.

    Input Voltage: 2s - 6s lipo

    Output Voltage: 6v - 8.4v

    Output Amps: 3 amp continous, 4 amp peak

    Dimensions: 11mm x 17mm

    Splash proof, Not Waterproof!

    *Voltage is not adjustable

    *Micro BECs are for Micro size servos, not sufficient to power standard size servos.

    *Damage caused by water, Physical damage, Improper use, or tampering, will not be covered by warranty.

    *We will not be held liable for any damage caused by use of this device.

    *Please be sure to abide by the maximum operating voltage of your electronics to avoid any damage.

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