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    • Pit Bull Tires PBX A/T Hardcore 2.2 Scale Crawler Tires w/Foam (2) (Alien)


    Pit Bull Tires PBX A/T Hardcore 2.2 Scale Crawler Tires w/Foam (2) (Alien)

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    Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore Scale 2.2's are miniaturized versions of Pit Bull's 1:1 All Terrains which are dominating the market! A design that has traction like a Mud Terrain, but handles on road like an All Season. Winter Performance rated. Six Ribs, 5 water channels...and tons of siping. A seriously innovative tire now available in 2.2 for your RC rig. Proprietary Alien Kompound has been dominating competitions across the Globe, and now you can get it in a 2.2 size scale tire.


    • Alien Kompound: Alien Kompound is a super sticky rubber compound, and as they say at Pit Bull, they're "Stickier than Alien Snot!" Alien Kompound is great for wet or dry and provide great holding power even in off-camber terrain.
    • Stepped Lugs: Increases lateral traction.
    • Multi-varied Unique Tread Blocks: With multiple varied lugs and edges, these help to maximize traction especially in off-camber situations.
    • Inside ribbing: Provides sidewall support and stability.
    • Integrated Sidewall Protectors: Bands of rubber in the sidewall that add support and control.
    • Over-the-shoulder lugs: Wraps down the sidewall and adds extra strength & traction to the shoulder & sidewall areas.
    • 5.45 inch Unmounted Diameter: Puts these puppies in the "Sweet Spot" for most Scale rigs. *Dimensions may vary depending on mounted rim used.
    • Foam included: Two standard foams designed to accentuate the performance of the 2.2 PBX A/T HARDCORE Scale tires. Can be used with other tire brands as well.
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