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    • Pit Bull Tires Rock Beast XL Scale 3.8


    Pit Bull Tires Rock Beast XL Scale 3.8" Rock Crawler Tires (2) (Zuper Duper) w/Foam

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    The Pit Bull Rock Beast XL 3.8 Scale Tires are not-so miniaturized versions of the Champion Pit Bull Rocker LT 1:1 tires. If you want more options for your your Monster Trucks or Custom Built Scale RC with some real Scale Tires, these are for you! The multi-varied tread design increases forward/reverse and lateral traction with serious bite across the entire footprint. The Rock Beasts have many features designed to increase speed and control while enhancing stability and contact patch. Excellent lateral bite, incredible stickiness and exceptional traction, these are perfect for any 40 Series rig.




    • Zuper Duper Kompound: Medium/Soft compound that gets better as it breaks in. Good for every day use as well as competition.
    • Stepped Lugs: Aid in lateral traction.
    • Multi-Varied Tread Blocks: Create an alternating biting pattern for maximum traction, especially in off-camber situations.
    • Inside Ribbing: Provides sidewall support and stability.
    • ZipTrak Technology: Helps to keep the footprint flat at high speeds.
    • Integrated Sidewall Protectors: Sidewall bands of rubber that add support and control.
    • Over-the-Shoulder Lugs: Lugs that wrap down the sidewall and add extra strength & traction to the shoulder & sidewall areas.
    • 7.3 inch Mounted Diameter*: Perfect size for big trucks. *Dimensions may vary depending on mounted rim used.
    • Foam Included: Two - standard foams designed to compliment the performance of the tires. Should be usable with other tire brands as well.
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