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    • Pit Kit – Mega G+


    Pit Kit – Mega G+

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    Unlike most HO cars that are designed to be thrown away once they break, AFX cars are built to last. But, no car – real, HO or otherwise, will run forever without a little maintenance every so often. And, any racer worth their salt will agree that pick up shoes are the most used and most replaced parts on any slot car.

    Use our Brand New Mega G+ Pit Kit now for your routine maintenance and ensure your AFX car stomps the competition for years to come!

    8 pairs of Short pick up shoes for anyMega G+ Short Wheelbase Chassis (like our street and stocker cars). Remember, short shoes will not fit on a long chassis and vice versa.

    Check out the quick videos on our Maintenance Page and see how easy it is to Tune Up your car!



    (8) Pairs Long Pick-up Shoes Only Fit Long Wheelbase (MG+ 1.7) 

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