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    • ProTek RC Grey High Tack Double Sided Tape Roll (1x40


    ProTek RC Grey High Tack Double Sided Tape Roll (1x40")

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    ProTek R/C High Tack Double Sided Tape is a 40" long roll of 1" wide grey double sided tape with an extra aggressive adhesive. This tape is 1.2mm thick and is perfect for securing receivers, ESC's, transponders and much more.

    The super tack adhesive on the tape will keep your device securely fastened where you want it, yet the material remains easy to remove and leaves no residue behind. The waterproof, heat resistant properties help it stand up to the elements, and the soft, flexible material will conform to curved or uneven surfaces, and helps to reduce vibration to the component. Protek RC offers two types of double sided tape, clear and grey. Grey is recommend for cooler weather.


    • Perfect for cars, trucks, boats, helicopters, drones, rock crawlers and more!
    • Extra Strong adhesion and durability
    • Water proof and heat resistant
    • Reduces vibration
    • Soft and flexible
    • Suitable for curved surfaces
    • Strong tensile strength
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