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    • ProTek RC Sheathed T-Style Plug (1 Male/1 Female)


    ProTek RC Sheathed T-Style Plug (1 Male/1 Female)

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    These ProTek R/C Sheathed T-Style Connectors are compatible with any standard generic T-Style plug, as well as Deans Ultra Plugs. These connectors feature a plastic protective sheath that snap onto the back of the connector concealing the solder joint.

    Typical t-style plugs use shrink tubing which works fine, but provides a one-time solution. Using the sheath, you can snap it on or off to make any connector changes or modification, as well as create a sleek and professional look.  

    Package includes one male plug, one female plug and two protective sheaths. 

    • T-Style connectors
    • 60A max current
    • Sheathed backing
    • Concealed solder joint
    • Labeled polarity
    • Professional looks

    Rated Current:
    Max Current: 60A
    Internal Resistance: 0.4mΩ
    Net Weight (pair): 5.6g
    Recommended Wire: 12AWG
    Pulling Force: 25N
    Recommended Use: 1000 times
    Rated Temperature:
     -20°C - 120°C (-4°F - 248°F)
    Material: Brass and gold plated 

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