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    • Rear Bumper for the ECX Torment 4x4


    Rear Bumper for the ECX Torment 4x4

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    The RPM Torment 4x4 Rear Bumper is a very unique design that dramatically improves strength, durability and scale looks over any other bumper options available. This bumper is based off of a tubular, scale support structure that mimics a full-scale 2-1/2" diameter tube. They also lifted the bumper and bumper supports away from the bottom of the chassis to protect it from rear end wear. The higher bumper position helps protect the body much better as well, prolonging the life of that custom paint job you worked so hard on.
    Tech Notes: RPM #81612 replaces ECX231019. Each bumper includes all additional hardware needed for installation and complete installation instructions. Slight body modifications will be needed to clear the bumper supports.
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