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    • RPM Arrma 8S BLX Front Left Upper & Lower Suspension Arms (2)


    RPM Arrma 8S BLX Front Left Upper & Lower Suspension Arms (2)

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    This is an optional set of Arrma 8S BLX Front Left Upper and Lower Suspension Arms, intended for use with the ARRMA Kraton 8S & Outcast 8S kits. 

    The ARRMA Kraton 8S and Outcast 8S are each 26 lbs. (12kg.) of RC bashing fun. That's alot of weight to throw around, and if the A-arms aren’t up to the abuse these massive monsters can dish out then RPM has got your back! These replacement front A-arms are designed with the backyard basher in mind and can handle some serious abuse and come back for more.

    • Lighter than stock by 4.5 grams per upper / lower a-arm pair
    • Replaces the front left upper A-arm from stock ARRMA #ARA330561
    • Replaces the front left lower A-arm from stock ARRMA #ARA330589
    • (One vehicle will require 1 – #81522 & 1 – #81562 for completion of the front end)
    Notes: RPM A-arms for the ARRMA Kraton 8S & Outcast 8S are sold as one upper and one lower in each kit. One left (#81522) & one right (#81562) will be needed to complete the front end of one vehicle. RPM A-arms replace the upper A-arms from stock ARRMA #ARA330561 and the lower A-arms from stock #ARA330589.
    Like stock A-arms, RPM Kraton 8S versions are sold without threads. If the pivot ball hole is difficult to thread using the pivot ball, RPM recommends thread tapping (tap not included) the hole for 3 – 4 threads, but do not tap any further. Additional cut threads will negate the thread-locking capability of our materials.
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