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    • RPM ARRMA Kraton/Outcast Rear A-Arms (Black)


    RPM ARRMA Kraton/Outcast Rear A-Arms (Black)

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    RPM ARRMA Kraton/Outcast Rear A-Arms fit the ARRMA Kraton, Talion & Outcast as well as the Durango DEX8T. These arms are designed for the ultimate in strength and durability while adding in some much-needed features. First is slop elimination. These A-arms reduce the amount of movement of the A-arm at the hinge pins, providing for better suspension response and more consistent suspension settings.

    The next improvement is the addition of a second shock mount hole further out on the arm, providing for a lower profile suspension set-up. This second shock mount allows the shocks to lay down further and lowers the ride height for a lower center of gravity. This second shock mount matches the additional shock mount hole on RPM front A-arms (RPM81482 – sold separately).

    Another beneficial improvement comes from reduced weight. RPM Kraton, Talion & Outcast Rear A-arms are roughly 10% lighter than stock AARMA A-arms (48g each versus 53g for stock)! RPM rear A-arms have molded in mounting points for optional mudguards – RPM81412 (sold separately). If you plan on running through wet or muddy conditions, these guards are a must-have addition to help protect your driveline from debris kicked up from your front tires.

    These A-arms are designed with leading and trailing 30° chamfered edges for smoother transitions over obstacles too tall for the suspension to clear. As an added benefit, these chamfered edges are more aerodynamic than stock as well. All RPM A-arms are molded from a nearly indestructible blend of engineering grade nylons for performance you can rely on when conditions are at their worst!

    • Also fits the Durango DEX8T
    • Roughly 10% lighter than stock
    • Less slop for more accurate suspension settings
    • Optional Mud Guards also available
    • Replaces stock ARRMA ARA330249
    • Replaces stock Durango TDR330707
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