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    • RPM ECX Torment 4x4 Front Bumper & Kick Plate


    RPM ECX Torment 4x4 Front Bumper & Kick Plate

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    The RPM Torment 4×4 Front Bumper & Kick Plate was designed to solve several key issues that plague Torment owners. The main issue that needed RPM help was breakage. Only two chassis screws support the stock front bumper. With the power and potential for carnage of these powerful short course trucks, a few well-placed hits and those two screw holes get over-stressed and break.

    The RPM Front Bumper & Kick Plate solves the breakage issues by re-engineering both the kick plate and bumper to incorporate four bumper mounting screws and a brace, all designed to improve the durability and strength of the front bumper dramatically. This design moves the bumper mounting screws away from the front differential and are then tied into a new structure designed specifically for the front bumper and in a place that will not cause harm to more fragile front-end components.

    The RPM front bumper also allows the use of their front bumper light kit (sold separately). When combined with the Roof Light Kit, you have the option to add as many as 10 LED’s to the front of your Torment for some killer night-burning fun! RPM Torment 4×4 front bumpers are molded in black and backed by RPM's limited lifetime warranty against breakage. Bolt one on and never fear of tearing up the track, backyard or favorite bash spot again!

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