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    • RPM Losi Tenacity Front Skid Plate


    RPM Losi Tenacity Front Skid Plate

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    The RPM Losi Tenacity Front Skid Plate is designed to fit both the molded chassis version of the Tenacity as well as the aluminum chassis option. RPM skid plates are Made in the USA from RPM's incredibly tough blend of engineering grade nylons for performance you can count on. 

    Molded Chassis versions of the Tenacity
    A key breakage area of the molded Tenacity chassis reported to RPM engineers is the area located just behind the front bulkhead mounting screws. By tying together the four bulkhead mounting screws with the two screws holding the steering mounting posts in place, RPM has beefed up the strength and durability of the entire front end of the chassis, helping to reduce that pesky breakage problem while adding some much needed abrasion resistance to the chassis.

    Aluminum Chassis versions of the Tenacity
    MSRP on a new aluminum chassis for the Tenacity is $55.99. It only makes sense to protect that chassis for as long as possible. What better way is there than a product specifically designed to reduce skid and abrasion resistance? RPM skid plates will not only increase the longevity of your valuable aluminum chassis, they’ll also significantly reduce the amount of scuffs and scratches it’ll receive since these skid plates are the lowest impact point on the chassis

    NOTE: RPM skid plates fit LOS231023 molded chassis versions and LOS231056 aluminum chassis versions of the Tenacity (SCT, T & DB). Not for use on MT versions.
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