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    • RPM Metric Ride Height Gauge


    RPM Metric Ride Height Gauge

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    This is the RPM Metric Ride Height Gauge. RPM designers went all out to create the most innovative and useful tool to check your vehicle’s ride height! (A vehicle’s ride height is the static height of the vehicle as it rests on its suspension. It varies from front to rear and from one side to the other depending upon weight and spring tension.) The gauge has a graduated scale along the upper edge of the base with easy to read lines and numbers. Each graduation on the metric scale represents 0.5mm. For extreme accuracy, the graduations are far enough apart that they may be split to read as little as 0.25mm! Included with the gauge is a spring-loaded tension knob to keep the gauge positioned while checking & setting positions on the gauge.

    The RPM Metric Ride Height Gauge has a range from 4mm to 29.5mm, and the design uses a base and a slide that travels along a twenty degree angle. By using such a slight angle, the accuracy of the gauge increases dramatically while still allowing a broad height range. This gauge may be used to check most on-road or off-road vehicle’s ride height, including pan cars & sedans and it’s extremely accurate and easy to use!
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