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    • Shaft, GTR shock (TiN-coated) (4)


    Shaft, GTR shock (TiN-coated) (4)

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    Improve shock performance and durability by installing Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated shafts. The TiN coating makes the shafts harder and smoother for better resistance to scratching, smoother performance, and longer seal life. Compatible with the E-Revo VXL’s stock molded shocks, or use with GTR hard-anodized shock bodies (#7066X, sold separately) for absolute peak performance.

    Accessory part for these models:

    TRX-4® Equipped with Traxx®
    1/16 E-Revo® VXL
    1/16 E-Revo®
    1/16 Slash 4WD
    1/16 Summit™
    TRX-4® Traxx® All-Terrain Track Set
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