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    • SSD RC Enduro Pro Aluminum C Hubs (Black)


    SSD RC Enduro Pro Aluminum C Hubs (Black)

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    SSD Enduro Pro Aluminum C Hubs are a direct fit upgrade for the Element Enduro axle housing, that offer improved strength, improved clearance, as well as an added set screw that prevents the hub from spinning on the plastic axle splines. 


    • CNC machined aluminum
    • Anodized black
    • Improved design for more clearance
    • Set screw stops the C hubs from stripping the splines on plastic axle
    • Fit stock Element Enduro axle
    • Fit Element Enduro knuckles
    • (2) (1 Left, 1 Right) Pro Aluminum C Hubs (Black)
    • (2) M3 x 14mm screw
    • (1) M3 x 12mm screw
    • (4) M3 x 5mm set screw
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