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    • Team Associated RC10B6 Factory Team Aluminum Steering Bellcrank (Black) (+3mm)


    Team Associated RC10B6 Factory Team Aluminum Steering Bellcrank (Black) (+3mm)

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    The Team Associated RC10B6 Factory Team Aluminum Steering Bellcrank, is a great option to allow for further tuning to the caster of your B6, T6.1 or SC6 series chassis. These are designed for high-traction tracks to gain corner speed by reducing caster 5°. When used with the 0° or 2.5° caster inserts (sold separately), Associated noticed un-wanted bump steer that affected the wheel angle as the car cornered. Team Associated solved for this by raising the bell crank 3mm to counteract the caster inserts. This will keep steering angles very precise through the entire suspension travel. The combination of these features makes the cars and trucks corner faster, while also maintaining predictable handling. These bellcranks are intended for the B6, B6.1/D/DL, B6.2/D, B6.3/D, T6.1, T6.2, SC6.2, SC10.2 or SC10.3.

    • +3 mm raised steering for minimized bump steer
    • Durable CNC aluminum construction, reduces flex
    • Laser-etched FT logo
    • Available in both blue and black anodized finishes
    • Ideal for high-traction clay, carpet, or artificial turf
    • Fits all B6 series 2WD (B6.3 to B6) and all trucks T6.2 and SC6.2 (and earlier)
    • (2) Bellcrank halves
    • (2) 3x10mm Button Head Screws
    • (1) Ballstud
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