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    • VXL-3s Waterproof Electric Speed Control


    VXL-3s Waterproof Electric Speed Control

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    The Velineon® VXL-3s forward/reverse electronic speed control simplifies brushless technology with easy, built-in profiles. It sets up, operates, and programs just like the Traxxas XL-5™ family of ESCs so there's no tricky new procedures to learn. Traxxas' exclusive patented Training Mode™ is also included to limit full throttle to 50% for young or inexperienced drivers. For the most advanced users, the VXL-3s is equipped with two-stage low voltage detection to allow LiPo battery use, including powerful 11.1-volt 3S packs! The VXL-3s is manufactured by Traxxas to ensure the highest level of quality and support and is backed by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty.

    Traxxas High-Current Connector

    Traxxas High-Current Connector
    The VXL-3s ESC is equipped with the patented Traxxas high-current connectors for restriction-free current flow.

    Click here for more info about the patented Traxxas High-Current Connertor.



    Maxx Cable 12-Gauge WireAssembled with Maxx® Cable (12-gauge wire)
    This super-flexible, high-current, low-resistance 12-gauge, wire acts like a series of giant pipes, flowing energy in and out of the VXL-3s electronic speed control and into the Velineon 3500 motor. The patented Traxxas Connector combined with Maxx cable is a better engineered solution for extracting all the power your battery has to give.



    Velineon VXL-3s Waterproof Features

    • Patented Traxxas High-Current Connector eliminates a common bottleneck and maintains pure, unrestricted power flow from the battery to the brushless power system.
    • Built-in two-stage low voltage detection for Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery use provides a clear signal to the driver that the battery pack is nearing its minimum voltage threshold.
    • Widest range of battery options ranging from 4-cell NiMH packs all the way up to 3S LiPo battery packs (11.1 volt)
    • The patented Training Mode™ is an exclusive Traxxas feature that reduces the overall power output of the VXL-3s by 50%, making it easier for new or younger drivers to control their model. When they're ready, simply change profiles to unleash full-throttle action. 
    • The EZ-Set® push-button setup operates and programs just like other Traxxas speed controls such as the XL-5. This eliminates the need to learn a new set of procedures.
    • The VXL-3s is programmable with three drive profiles:
      • Sport Mode – Fwd / Brake / Rev
      • Race Mode – Fwd / Brake
      • Training Mode**™ – 50% Fwd / Brake / 50% Rev
    • Multi-color LED provides clear feedback
    • Two-stage thermal shutdown protection protects the VXL-3s from overheating.
    • Locked Rotor Protection™ prevents system damage by cutting power if the vehicle is stuck or the motor is bound.
    • Battery Over-Voltage Protection™ causes the ESC to go into failsafe mode if the maximum input voltage is exceeded.
    • Water resistent case design uses rubber seals and o-rings to protect against damage caused by water and moisture.
    • Micro-fin aluminum heatsink dissipates heat.
    • The built-in auxiliary fan output powers a snap-on accessory fan for increased cooling capacity during extreme use. A handy clasp on the speed control case keeps the wire neatly in place until you are ready to use it.
    • Gold plated 3.5 mm bullet connectors on 12-gauge Maxx® Cable flow full power to the Velineon 3500 brushless motor without performance strangling resistance. (Not compatible with Velineon 540XL motors)


    VXL-3s Diagram

    Input Voltage:   NiMH 4-9 Cells (4.8 to 10.8 Volts DC);
    LiPo 2-3 Cells (7.4 to 11.1 Volts DC)
    Case Size:   39 mm W x 55 mm D x 33 mm H
    Weight:   90 grams
    Motor Limit (Brushless):   No motor limit
    On Resistance Forward:   0.00075 Ohms
    On Resistance Reverse:   0.00075 Ohms
    BEC Voltage:   6.0 V
    BEC Current:   2.5A
    Power Wire:   12-Gauge Maxx® Cable
    Motor Connectors:   3.5 mm bullet
    Input Harness Wire:   26 Gauge / 100 mm
    Low Voltage Detection:   2-Stage indicators, switchable (on or off)
    Thermal Protection:   2-Stage thermal shutdown
    Profile selection:   Sport Mode:
        100% FWD, 100% BRAKES, 100% REV
    Race Mode:
        100% FWD, 100% BRAKES, NO REV
    Training Mode:*
        50% FWD, 100% BRAKES, 50% REV
    Single-Button Setup:   Yes, Traxxas EZ-Set®
    Battery Input Connector :   Traxxas High-Current Connector
    Motor Types :   Brushless
    Ports:   RX Input, auxiliary fan

    Compare to:   XL-5   |   VXL-3m


    Velineon Brushless Power System logo
    Part#  Description  
    3355R VXL-3s Electronic Speed Control, waterproof (brushless)  
    3350R Velineon VXL-3s Brushless Power System, waterproof (includes waterproof VXL-3s ESC and Velineon 3500 motor)  



    Velineon Cooling fan (#3340)
    (accessory item, sold separately)

    Velineon Cooling fan

    The Velineon® VXL-3s Accessory Cooling Fan reduces ESC temperatures during extended operation for maximum power flow. It securely clips onto the VXL-3s heatsink for easy installation. Wires are neatly routed thanks to the integrated connector clip. Simply plug the accessory cooling fan into the Velineon VXL-3s accessory power connector and clip the fan onto the heatsink for increased cooling.

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